Posted On: February 15, 2010
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Ephemeral Beauty – a transient moment in time, is what describes life and defines my philosophy. Life as we know it consists of ever-changing ephemeral moments that define us. Within a blink of an eye, tomorrow becomes yesterday. Each moment is a picture that we would like to preserve, make it last longer, make it more memorable. As a photographer, it has been a passion of mine to capture time. Through a photograph we have the ability to travel through time. Each picture is a memory that can last forever. High resolution photography can enable us to recall these special moments with more clarity and more intense color. I would like to invite you to see the world through my eyes. I dare you to discover the hidden world of macro photography and see details in pictures you never thought you could.

Personal Expressions

Emphemeral carnation
Everyone’s goal in life is to communicate. To be able to express oneself is a form of art often taken for granted. Photography is a form of expression that can bring to life vital moments in time. A photograph, an image may represent: a color, a scent, a touch. A photograph is a way to capture our senses and recapture them time and time again. A photograph is a way we can share our images, our visions, our memories. It is a way we can communicate. Napoleon Bonaparte said: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. With the use of high resolution photography, which enables a picture to have more vivid colors, sharpness and detail, that statement can be changed to “a picture is worth a million words”.

My Photography Wallpaper concept

I would like to use my vision: the use of high resolution photography and wallpaper,and bring it into your home. My images provide simplicity in design and still retain a stunning beauty of complexity within the image. I invite you to use my images depicting: flower photography, landscape photography, animal photography, cityscape photography and use them to add décor to your home. Use the wall paper designs and the high resolution photography to add warmth and energy into your living spaces. The wallpaper designs are prepared with the desk mod enthusiast in mind. The wallpaper designs are harmonized to suit the color of your desktop. You may print out any high resolution photography and wallpaper as home decor. They are free for (non-commercial) personal use. Please contact me if you like to purchase copyrights of any images on this site. Thank you for visiting my photography-wallpaper website.

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